I'm currently working for Aya, the digital agency of Zenika. I'm working on end user interfaces with framework (Angular, React).

#Engineering school teacher

I work for Polytech Lyon a consultant in order to teach students some recent technologies. Last courses were :


During my fourth year, I was able to do an internship in the Lyon Worldline company. I've joined a team of web developers and mobile working for a big name in the global fast food. I was able to take part in a major project on innovative technologies that I did not previously mastered.

I worked on:

  • S.E.O
  • Barcodes generation
  • Shorten Url


I did an internship for a period of one month in the company éolane in Montceau-les-Mines in 2013 in order to access the engineer of my school cycle.

I have build an application in Visual Basic 6.0 for driving automated testbench of a cardiac defibrillator. I also work on the Bluetooth technology to encode the defibrillator.


#Engineering School - Polytech Lyon

Getting out of high school, I was able to integrate the integrated preparatory program of the University Polytechnic of Lyon. I stayed for two years, during which I followed a theoretical training based on mathematics and computer science curriculum of License Maths-Info from the Claude Bernard University in Lyon.

In 2013, I was able to access the engineering program at my school, in computer science specialty. The school Polytech Lyon is in the movement of the Polytech network schools, which currently has 13 schools throughout France. The school Polytech Lyon officially joined the network in 2013.

My shcool offers courses on topics:

  • Networks
  • DataBases, BI, Big Data
  • Web/Mobile Technologies
  • Embebedded sofware
  • Modeling and problem solving by computer
  • Distributed computing
  • AI

At Polytech I have the chance to make 3 internships:

  • An internship of one month between the theoretical training and engineering cycle.
  • A minimum of 5 months internship in the fourth year.
  • A terminal 5 month minimum internship during my fifth year.

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    As a teacher in Polytech Lyon, I had the opportunity to give course about Docker as an initiation. Here are the slides made with RevealJS.
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