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Announcing Git Kata

As a part-time computer science teacher, I often give workshops to learn about computers and their tools. Several times I met teams that had been using Git and Github for many years but were having a lot of trouble. The basis was known but in practice.

"Wait, stay still, I'll do that and you can get it back."

"I'm stuck working on the same file."

"Pass me your file, I'll add it to my PR."

I'm pretty sure you've heard that before! It may sound funny but it's quite symptomatic of a lack of practice and reflexes to have when you get to use Git. Very often users know how to manage but do rather obscure things.

Often users know how to manage but do rather obscure things. A former colleague preferred to do several cherry-pick to retrieve the work of one of his colleagues' successive commits rather than use a rebase.

What if I designed a workshop that would allow teams to learn the right reflexes together when using Git and Github?

I had the opportunity to participate in several Coding Dojo/Kata programming sessions and I wanted to be inspired by this model. Instead of working on code, the workshop I designed focuses on git and its use.

Here is the link to the workshop, available free of charge on Github.

It's all in the README.

Leave me your opinions and feedback in comments.